Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that this is BMW's 100th anniversary.  What you may not know is how big the celebration will be in Monterey this year.  

Legends of the Autobahn (August 19) has so many cars registered that they have had to reserve an additional fairway.  BMW will be the featured marque at the 

Rolex Monterey Motorsport Reunion on August 20/21.  

As part of the concurrent Festorics event up to 500 BMWs (yours could be one of them) will be displayed on the lake bed.  

We catch our breath on Monday, but Tuesday, August 23 is the start of another six days of celebration as  BMW CCA O'fest returns to Monterey.  As you recall, when O'fest was in Monterey in 2013, we got to take our beautiful Z/M Coupes onto the Laguna Seca circuit for parade laps.  We couldn't let BMW CCA come back to Monterey without sharing our Coupes with them, so we have scheduled another All Dork Parade Lap session.

As always, Ian has designed a great shirt for us, and we are getting some matching stickers as well.  You can sign up for Parade Laps and a shirt/stickers for $75*, or just a shirt/stickers for $25.  Our Parade Lap is scheduled for right before lunch so we have all afternoon to explore the twisty-windy roads in Monterey County.

If you have more than just a day to spend in Monterey, check out all the other great activities at  CelebrateBMW.  You can sign up for rallys, autocross, driving schools, wine tastings, concours, receptions and dinners. We probably won't be here to celebrate the 200th anniversary so don't let this opportunity go by.